Divorce is one of the most challenging obstacles that any person will have to face. It is emotionally draining, difficult and that is under the best circumstances. What if you have a partner who is unwilling to compromise, who can only see things from his or her side and only lashes out vindictively? High conflict divorce can leave emotional scars for years. Sometimes people will take up to three years to adjust to life without their partner. If you are dealing with a narcissist in Maryland, it can be worse.

 Narcissists are more than arrogant, mean-spirited individuals. A narcissist lacks empathy, will never accept responsibility and always has someone to blame. Narcissists, according to HuffPost, are the centers of their own universe, so take care when divorcing a narcissist.

 This type of partner will not care why you need the divorce. He or she will not consider his or her behavior and will not work with you to ensure that you or your children feel safe. Often, you will receive the complete blame. Even if you divorce due to infidelity or domestic abuse, he or she will pin the blame on you.

 You do not want to argue with a narcissist. Often they will pose arguments to bait you. Do not take the bait; do not expend excess energy on arguments with your partner. Instead, stay close with your family and friends and stay on track during the divorce. To know your partner is a narcissist is to know how to prepare for the road ahead.

 None of the above information is intended as legal advice. It is for informational purposes instead.