There are many reasons for getting a divorce in the D.C. and Maryland areas. Common reasons include infidelity and personal conflicts. However, one reason for abuse that does not get discussed often enough is abuse.

Forbes notes that in 2016, President Obama declared October as National Domestic Violence Month. How much of a problem is violence against women in America? Is domestic abuse as prevalent as many people say it is? According to the statistics available, yes:

  • One in three women have suffered abuse at the hands of their partners; in one in five instances, the abuse is severe.
  • Every day, domestic violence hotlines receive roughly 28,000 calls.
  • Every nine seconds, a woman gets beaten or assaulted in America.
  • One in seven women has dealt with a stalker before.

While men also suffer abuse, the victims are overwhelmingly women. Some of these women were also surprised to see this side of their partners only after divorce proceedings began. They experienced anger and frustration from husbands that often escalated to physical, emotional and financial abuse.

One Business Insider study found that 23.5% of marriages that ended involved instances of domestic violence. This includes both physical and emotional abuse. The abuse typically worsened throughout the relationship and was often followed by remorse from the perpetrator, only to cycle around again to intense acts of verbal or physical violence. In fact, in 2017, 50,000 women were murdered by their partners.

It is not clear what the connection is between domestic violence and marriage. Domestic violence may occur even when there is no wedding involved. However, many women’s rights activists point out that abusive men are often more likely to treat women as possessions when they have roped them into the lifelong — or at least, long-term — commitment of marriage.