The divorce process can be daunting for anyone, but some people face additional challenges as they work through the ins and outs of bringing their marriage to a close. For example, those who are trying to piece their lives together after struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs may have a very hard time handling their divorce. Some may even be tempted to relapse, and many people have lost the battle because of the emotional and financial challenges that divorce brought into their lives. However, divorce is not always so difficult and there are strategies to reduce the likelihood of divorce-related stressors.

Some people have a tough divorce because they were not aware of various family law issues, such as child support or custody, or because they were not prepared for the financial consequences of their divorce. For example, some people did not realize that certain assets would be subject to division or they may have been unprepared from a financial perspective. Moreover, major divorce issues such as child custody can be daunting, and those who have a clear understanding of their options often fare better.

If you are in the middle of recovering from an addiction, you should not let this get in the way of your divorce. It may make sense to postpone your divorce but ending an unhealthy marriage could also be beneficial with respect to an addiction you are fighting. Some people develop these addictions as a direct result of a toxic marriage and are able to restore their sense of hope and happiness by moving on.