Divorce can present many new challenges to couples in Maryland, but one that seems to be pervasive across the board is negotiating an agreement for child custody arrangements. For some couples, this process is harder and more time consuming than others. For all parents, the mental strain of experiencing a change in how they are used to caring for their children can be both disheartening and worrisome. 

Regardless of the type of child custody agreement that has been created by a couple, chances are each parent will be a single parent to some extent. Each may experience the challenges of managing work, personal commitments, other relationships and opposition from their ex while taking care of the children that they care deeply about. Oftentimes, both parents will have to come to terms with the reality that their new role requires sacrifice and a heightened commitment to put their children first. 

One area that can be especially challenging to maintain the role as a single parent, is work. According to wehavekids.com, the number one advice that new, single parents should remember is to not be afraid to ask for help. They can make their superiors aware of their situation and commit to doing their best using the resources they have. Their ability to develop and maintain a strong support system can enable them to have added help in caring for and raising their children so they can continue to make a living and provide a functional and stable situation for their children. 

Liveabout.com also suggests that parents make an effort to establish a consistent routine with their children. This can help everyone involved to feel a sense of normalcy. With a scheduled routine in place, single parents can also make the most of the time they do have so they can successfully manage necessities while incorporating opportunities to make memories and have fun together.