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Does social media affect divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Firm News

In the age of social media, everyone shares their lives on a variety of platforms. Despite social media being a central focus in the lives of many Maryland residents, there are still those who do not take it seriously when it comes to legal matters. The court does not ignore social media. Electronic and social media evidence can play a role in divorce proceedings.

The National Law Review suggests that attorneys can use Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as direct messages as evidence in a divorce case. During a divorce hearing, it is unwise to post a status or message that you would not want the judge to see. The high emotions that surround divorces may make it difficult not to message your ex-partner. Often, these messages lead to further conflicts. Do not use social media to blow off steam about your divorce.

Anything that you say publicly is evidence that the courts can use. If anyone on the platform can access your posts and your photos, then the posts may haunt you in court. Most people post their lives on social media. Judging someone’s social media, you may be able to determine his or her spending habits, his or her hobbies and find plenty of unflattering information.

With social media as a significant part of American culture, it is no surprise that social media also affects the court. For an amicable divorce and for a chance to end the divorce process favorably, do not underestimate social media.