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How co-parenting apps can make your life easier

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Child Custody

Even if your divorce was otherwise amicable, navigating the unfamiliar terrain of co-parenting post-divorce can be challenging. Successful co-parenting relies heavily on communication to keep everyone in the loop about drop-offs, pick-ups, appointments, school activities and everything in-between.

If your divorce was anything but amicable, this constant communication with your ex could cause a great deal of strife – especially if neither of you can get through a conversation without re-hashing the past. Fortunately, that’s where co-parenting apps come in.

Nowadays, there’s an app for just about everything – from the absurd to the incredibly useful. Co-parenting apps today serve as tools that help parents communicate and keep their schedules organized in one place while taking the drama out of the equation.

While the app that’s right for you and your family will vary by circumstances, some of the best features co-parenting apps have to offer include:

A shared calendar

Co-parenting apps aim to make the custody schedule and other upcoming events easier to manage. A shared calendar feature allows everyone to stay on the same page and effortlessly make changes if there are any scheduling conflicts. For example, many of these apps will enable you to request trades or time-changes with your ex without a contentious conversation. Some apps allow you to add additional users, such as grandparents, your nanny or your attorneys so that all relevant parties can stay involved.

Shared documents

It can be difficult to keep track of your child’s essential documents when they’re living in two households. Whether it be their homework assignment or their medical records, you can upload virtually any document to these apps so that everyone has access to essential information.

Digital communications

Unlike texts and emails, messaging capabilities in co-parenting apps can be beneficial because they show when your ex has read your message to negate things getting lost in translation. It allows you to stay connected without engaging personally, in most cases, reducing tension. Some apps even identify potentially harmful wording from a parent and suggest alternatives to avoid arguments.

Co-parenting apps can make co-parenting painless, but it’s important to remember they only work if everyone is on board. If only one parent is doing the work, the apps lose their effectiveness. Identifying your goals with your ex and agreeing on an app you can commit to will help make co-parenting more straightforward.