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Three ways you can use social media safely during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Firm News

Now, more than ever, we live in a fishbowl. Social media has allowed for almost anyone to get a glimpse into our everyday lives. In some cases, this is beneficial as it can provide a support network and a way to stay connected to family, friends and loved ones. In other ways, it can be a problem. One of the most concerning potential problems: when information from social media is used against you in divorce.

Does information from social media play a role in divorce?

Yes. According to a recent publication by The National Law Review, 81% of family law attorneys report finding something worth presenting in court when they look into the other side’s social media presence and 66% use Facebook as a “principal evidence source” to help build their case against the other spouse.

Should I quit social media?

Not necessarily. There are ways to use social media safely during a divorce. Three examples include:

  • Be mindful. The old adage “knowing is half the battle” holds true in this case. Knowing that your future ex could use anything you post online against you should help you to be more mindful. Think twice before posting photos or updates. Could the information play a role in your divorce? If you are not sure, forgo the post.
  • Review settings. Consider changing settings so friends cannot tag you in their posts. They may not have the same outlook and could accidentally put up information that is less than helpful for your case.
  • Avoid dating apps. Consider waiting to start online dating until after the divorce is finalized.

With careful use, most people can continue to enjoy their favorite social media platforms without hurting their divorce case.