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3 keys to effective divorce mediation 

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Mediation

Mediation can be a very effective tool for resolving most disputes, including divorce-related issues. In fact, more and more people are opting for divorce mediation over litigation. But how do you make it work for you?

While mediation is an effective tool for resolving divorce issues like child custody and support, spousal support, parenting plan and, at times, property division, it is incumbent upon the divorcing parties to make it work. 

Here are three tips you need to bring to the table while mediating your divorce:

Be clear on your priorities

Before coming to the mediation table, it’s important that you outline the aspects of the divorce that are most important to you as well as where you are willing to make compromises. By specifying your priorities, you and your legal counsel will be better placed to weigh the settlement offers presented by the other party. 

Be realistic

A divorce settlement can be broad and complex. For instance, if you share a child with your spouse, then child custody and support will definitely be topics for mediation. It is important that you come to the mediation table with realistic expectations regarding this and other issues. For instance, understanding Maryland’s marital property laws can help you effectively mediate the property division aspect of the divorce. 

Put the children first

If you share a child, you need to put their best interest ahead of everything else. And this means focusing on practicality rather than “your rights.” Issues like who keeps the house, custody, support and visitation arrangements must be addressed with the child’s best interest in mind. Both parents should prioritize making the transition as less disruptive as possible. Most important, you should endeavor to ensure that the kids maintain a strong relationship with both parents.  

If you are considering mediation for your divorce, you are not alone. Find out how you can get the best possible outcome during your divorce mediation.