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Prenups on the rise

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Premarital agreement

Mediation is an opportunity for divorcing couples to enter a more peaceful and cooperative process when ending their marriage. With the help of a seasoned mediator leveling the playing field in a neutral setting to discuss various issues, soon-to-be-exes can hash out differences and find agreement in an open and constructive forum.

Having a prenuptial agreement also helps to streamline the process. Prenups have become more popular over the past several years. While history shows more men requesting them, that tide has been turning with women initiating the process before getting married.

Reasons for the increase

Three reasons that motivate soon-to-be-married spouses are:

  • Protection of separate property
  • Payment of spousal support
  • Property division

Protecting financial interests goes beyond soon-to-be-divorced couples. Parties see more financial stability as advantageous for their children.

Currently, 44 percent of singles endorse the critical step. Fifteen percent of those who did not pursue the proactive process expressed regret. With divorces increasing, prenuptial agreements are also growing as a popular and pragmatic choice.

Married couples who do not need a prenup due to the desire to keep their finances separate may be setting themselves up for failure later on.

Once considered planting the seeds for distrust and divorce, the perception of prenups is shifting. While mediators continue to tout the benefits, those about to be married see benefits for both spouses while serving as building blocks for a solid marriage.