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3 tips for social media during divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Divorce

Social media is a part of daily life now. Many people don’t think much about what they post, but those who are going through a divorce should be careful about what they say and do on social media. 

One of the most important points about social media that you must remember is that posts are permanent. Even if you delete them, it’s possible that someone already took a screenshot that may end up in front of a judge. With that in mind, remember these tips:

1. Think before you post

Before posting anything on social media, ask yourself if it could be used against you in court or if it could potentially damage your case. Avoid posting anything that could be construed as evidence of bad behavior, such as excessive partying, infidelity or irresponsible spending. Avoid posting anything about your case or your ex-spouse, as this can be used as evidence against you.

2. Keep your personal life private

It’s natural to want to seek support from friends and family during a divorce, but it’s important to keep your personal life private. Avoid discussing the details of your divorce on social media, as this can be used against you in court and can also make the process more difficult for everyone involved.

3. Use social media as a tool, not a crutch

Social media can be a useful tool for staying connected with friends and family, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for real-life support. Make an effort to connect with loved ones in person or over the phone and try to limit your time on social media to prevent it from becoming a source of stress or negativity during this difficult time. However, remember that everything you say to anyone except your attorney or therapist is potentially discoverable. 

Everything you do as you end your marriage may have an impact on the outcome. Thinking carefully about your goals may help you determine what decisions you should make during the divorce.