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Will I receive alimony in a Maryland divorce?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Property division

In Maryland, alimony, also known as spousal support, is a common consideration in litigated divorce cases. Whether you will receive alimony depends on various factors outlined by Maryland law.

Knowing what a court considers, in the event that you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement, will give you a better idea of your eligibility.

Length of marriage

A court determines alimony awards and terms of those awards. When making these decisions, one of the first considerations is the length of a marriage. Longer marriages may increase the likelihood of being awarded alimony. This is even more likely if one spouse depended on the other financially.

Financial need

Demonstrating financial need is crucial in alimony cases. If you can prove that you lack the financial means to support yourself adequately post-divorce, the court may be more inclined to award alimony.

Standard of living

Another factor courts consider is the standard of living established during the marriage. If the parties maintained a significantly high standard of living, alimony may be awarded so they can maintain that standard after the divorce.

Contributions to the marriage

Contributions to the marriage, both financial and non-financial, are evaluated when determining alimony. This includes factors such as homemaking, childcare, career sacrifices for the family and other forms of support.

Ability to pay

The court also considers the paying spouse’s ability to provide alimony. If the paying spouse has the financial means to support the recipient spouse without experiencing undue hardship, alimony may be more likely to be awarded.

Receiving alimony in a Maryland divorce is not guaranteed and depends on various factors. By understanding these factors, you can be prepared for what you may receive (or have to pay) as your marriage comes to an end.