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Conflict during custody negotiations is almost universal. You and your co-parent likely have different ideas about your child’s needs, and no parent wants to spend more time away from their child than necessary. Moreover, while every parent cares about their child’s best interests, custody conflicts are also commonly used as a vehicle for other issues in co-parenting relationships. At our office, we help you resolve disputes so that you and your co-parent can raise your child in as positive an environment possible.

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Ways To Reduce Conflict

Many of our clients are concerned about tension or believe that their co-parent is manipulating the situation. In many cases, asking clarifying questions and focusing on communication can help identify the root issues at play. Our attorneys help identify core issues by asking questions like the following:

  • What are your current priorities for your child’s safety and education? How do you and your co-parent currently achieve those goals?
  • Do you and your co-parent have specific holidays of family events that a custody plan should accommodate?
  • What logistical and financial issues are at hand? Does either parent have difficulties in obtaining childcare? Consider school needs, work schedules and medical care.

You and your co-parent can resolve your custody issues in a considerate and civil manner.

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