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Mitigate The Impact Of Divorce On Your Business

If you own a business, you understand that the value and profitability of your business depend on its integrity and ability to function free from interference. Divorce threatens to infringe on your business substantially and can even pose an existential threat to its financial viability. Webb Soypher McGrath, provides proven guidance for business owners throughout the divorce process.

Is your lawyer focused on you? Washington D.C. and Bethesda have many choices when it comes to legal services. At Webb Soypher McGrath, we pride ourselves on service. Not only are our clients satisfied with the care they receive, but they also benefit from the experience and qualifications of our legal team. To find out more about how you can protect your business, call us at 301-298-8401 and set up a time to speak with us in-depth.

Choose The Best Approach For Your Business

As you develop a property division strategy, your attorney will ask you to evaluate your needs and priorities. This will determine the best possible approach to the process. Answering these questions will be difficult; your livelihood may be at risk. However, honest answers will provide the context needed to make the right choice for you. After a complete business valuation, our attorneys will discuss options that include:

  • Negotiating from among your property holdings to keep your business whole.
  • Entering into a silent partnership agreement or purchasing your spouse’s interest in your business.
  • Selling your business either to a different family member like an adult or child or to another company.
  • Maintaining your business as-is through work and profit-sharing agreements.

In some cases, our attorneys may suggest mediation proceedings as an appropriate approach to property division. We excel at mediation services and advocacy. Ask how mediation may benefit your business.

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