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Many individuals associate legal conflicts with the court. However, in many cases, litigation is not necessary. Instead, you can preempt the extended and costly courtroom procedures through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our firm employs cutting edge mediation techniques and is committed to finding the best possible outcomes for our mediation clients.

At Webb Soypher McGrath, our attorneys work under the mentorship of attorney Deb Webb, one of the top private mediation attorneys in the nation. You can rely upon our extensive services for quality mediation and conflict resolution. Call our firm today at 301-298-8401 to schedule a consultation.

How We Exemplify Quality Mediation

Mediation is an efficient tool for many family law issues, especially when contentious or complex matters are at hand. When successful, mediation brings both parties to the table and resolves issues strategically to reduce long-term conflict and ensure personalized resolutions that consider both parties’ needs.

Webb Soypher McGrath, facilitates successful mediation through a series of steps, including:

  • Clarifying, in neutral terms, each party’s goals and priorities.
  • Identifying areas of conflict and providing a full range of potential resolution techniques.
  • Encouraging communication and cooperation.

In many cases, mediation can function as a complete substitute for courtroom proceedings, but it can also act as a significant strategic tool. You can also reserve your right to litigate on certain issues if an agreement is not possible or if courtroom litigation better serves your needs. When properly advised, mediation is beneficial for both parties.

Find Out If Alternative Dispute Resolution Is A Viable Option For You

If you are interested in exploring mediation as an option to resolve your family law conflict, contact our attorneys and request a consultation. You can schedule today online or by calling 301-298-8401.