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Compassionate Care For Parents With Custody And Child Support Conflicts

Establishing a productive relationship with your co-parent may seem like an incredibly difficult task, even impossible. However, protecting your child’s best interest is the most important thing you can do as a parent. With strong legal help, you can find a legal solution to custody and support issues that protects your child’s growth and your rights as a parent.

Webb Soypher McGrath, is a trusted family law firm in Bethesda. When our attorneys work with you, we focus on finding the best possible solution to your family’s legal issues. We provide comprehensive and compassionate legal advice that prioritizes you. Contact our office for the help you need.

What Does Your Child Need?

Child psychologists agree that a stable environment with productive and responsible adults capable of co-parenting provides the best situation for a child. While there are many ways to fulfill this need, our firm focuses on helping you maintain your rights and financial resources while you pursue the appropriate social and financial arrangement for your family. Establishing physical custody, legal custody, and child support is a fundamental way to support your child.

Our services include identifying productive and fair custody and visitation agreements and determining the best possible arrangement for your child’s financial care. Our firm focuses on finding effective solutions for your family. When we assess your case, we focus on preserving your parental rights. Find a solution that works for your family.

Give Your Child The Brightest Possible Future

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