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Fully Devoted To Family Law. Fully Devoted To Client Success.

The law firm of Webb Soypher McGrath is dedicated to the practice of family law. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to help you with any family law issue you may be facing. This includes standard matters like divorce, spousal support, child support, and child custody, as well as complex and challenging issues like high-conflict divorce, business and professional valuations and asset tracing, domestic violence and substance abuse.

The firm’s four principal attorneys and our talented associates each bring unique strengths and a diverse approach to working with clients. No matter what your legal needs may be and what type of personality best compliments your own, chances are that at least one of our lawyers will be a good match for you.

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What You Can Expect: Experience, Guidance, and Support

When you work with our firm, you’ll get more than just someone to help you fill out legal paperwork. You’ll get a dedicated legal counselor offering sound advice and guidance during what is typically a very difficult time. Our clients are often in crisis, and we believe that by staying calm and always exercising good judgment, we enable our clients to do the same.

Representing A Diverse Clientele

We are proud to serve clients in Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, Frederick County, and throughout Maryland. Many of our clients are hard-working professionals, federal employees, business owners, SAH parents, and often even other lawyers. We represent individuals from every walk of life, and we serve all genders equally.

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Webb Soypher McGrath is based in Bethesda, Maryland, and we practice in Washington D.C., Montgomery County, Frederick County, and throughout Maryland. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our talented family law attorneys, call us at 301-298-8401 or send us an email.