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How Will You Provide For Your Child?

Many parents who come to our office are concerned about their ability to care for their child’s financial needs. This is an understandable point of anxiety and concern. In many cases, a child support order is the best way to ensure your child’s financial security. Webb Soypher McGrath, helps find a balanced order that protects both child and parent’s financial well-being.

Families across Maryland and Washington D.C. trust our firm to find a solution to their legal and financial issues. Our attorneys use a collaborative legal process that draws on their more than 80 years of experience. Reach our firm today at 301-298-8401.

Understand The Basics Of Child Support

Every state has a different set of rules that governs child support regulations. In D.C. and Maryland, there are several important aspects of child support that you should know:

  • Child support is governed by statutory guidelines at certain income levels.
  • Child support includes care for the child’s physical needs, educational expenses, medical care, and other quality of life costs.
  • Either parent may be eligible for child support, depending upon the parties’ income and custody arrangements.
  • You can be held responsible for child support if you are unemployed and the court finds you capable of finding and maintaining employment.

Parents can choose to come to their own child support agreement. Whenever possible, we seek a mutually beneficial solution that considers both parties’ needs. 

Work With Lawyers Who Care About Your Future

It is possible to find a solution to your child support issues that also serve both parent’s financial needs. Our attorneys will facilitate a positive outcome for you. Reach us online.