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3 common divorce fears

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can be devastating, whether you initiated it or not. If your marriage has irreconcilable issues, and you have decided to end it, you should be ready for divorce, as it can bring up new fears, which can make you question your decision.

This guide discusses three of them. 

Fear of making the wrong decision 

A significant percentage of people going through divorce have a fear of initiating the divorce too soon, and they think the marriage could have worked if they had put in more effort. This fear can come out as guilt and anger. 

If you experience this, write down the reasons that led you to the decision. This will help you understand you did your best for the marriage to work, but it didn’t.

Fear of a change in relationships

It can be worrying to imagine that your loved ones may pick sides or blame you for the divorce. While you may want to maintain your relationships after the divorce and attend the Friday game nights or Saturday barbecue, this may not be the best thing for your peace of mind. It will be best to accept that your relationships will likely change.

Besides, with time, you can rebuild the relationships that are important to you. Further, not everyone will turn against you. Your family members and friends will support you. You may be surprised by the love you receive from people you know and those you find in support groups if you join one.

Fear of the future

Uncertainty of the future is one of the effects of divorce, and it can be scary. Nonetheless, you can start a new chapter and experience tremendous growth. Of course, it may be challenging, but you will be stable again with practical strategies.

Divorce fears are common, and almost everyone experiences them. But you can cope with them. It will also be best to get legal help to make moves that alleviate your fears.