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Are you sure your spouse is being transparent about their assets?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Property division

If you are about to divorce, you may be considering mediation to avoid the drama of the courtroom and get things signed off faster. While that may be a great idea, you still need to retain an air of caution when proceeding because divorce can sometimes make people do things they shouldn’t.

When divorcing, you will need to divide your marital property. Exactly how you make that split is one of the main things you will discuss during mediation.

However, you can only get a fair split if you know about all of the assets. Some people may put on a good show of being willing to cooperate over property division, but secretly be cheating their spouse out of assets.

Where to consider checking for hidden assets

Accusing your spouse of hiding things is not a good idea if you are looking for a peaceful divorce. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry out a few checks.

Consider running through account statements to see if there have been any big movements of cash you didn’t know about. If you find something, it may have a valid explanation; but it might also mean your spouse was moving money out of your reach in preparation for the divorce.

Find out whether they received their usual bonuses or other payouts this year. Some spouses ask their employer to delay payment until after the divorce to avoid having to split the money.

Has your spouse taken a recent interest in cryptocurrency. It might just be curiosity, but it might mean they used it to store money out of your reach.

It’s your financial future at stake, and you have a right to know about all the assets you have a right to share. With experienced legal guidance, you can take the necessary steps to find them.