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How posting your pictures can impact your divorce case

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Divorce

Going through a divorce can be sensitive. Every decision you make can affect your case, including using social media. You may have heard of the negative effects of social media on divorce. However, the impacts you experience may depend on what you post. 

Discussing the divorce can lead to misinterpretation of statements. So, what about posting pictures without talking about the divorce? This guide discusses how this may also get you into trouble.

Indications of hidden assets

If you post pictures with your assets, your spouse’s lawyers may analyze everything to confirm if you accounted for them. You may not necessarily be flashing. For instance, you may take a picture with one of your assets in the background unknowingly. 

Even if you had included the asset in question in your property list, the other side might find ways to prove you have more than you claim. Posting new purchases and vacations may also hurt your property division case.

Child custody complications

Posting photos while parting and drinking can affect your case, particularly if you have children. You may have gone out with your loved ones, who were trying to cheer you up, and you took an innocent photo to remember the experience. However, upon posting it, everything on the table may be closely analyzed by the other side, and this can work against you.

Allegations of adultery

If you post a picture with someone and the posture can be interpreted as a romantic interest, you may face claims of adultery. While that may not affect your divorce, it can affect the division of property and play into support decisions. 

It will help to avoid social media altogether when going through a divorce. Do not post pictures or comment on posts. It can help to obtain legal guidance to steer clear of these and more mistakes.