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How alcoholism can trigger divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Divorce

Couples dissolve their marriages for different reasons, including alcoholism. Research shows that a consumption increase of one liter of alcohol per capita increases the divorce rate by about 20%. But how are the two linked?

Here is what you should know about alcoholism and divorce:

Neglecting primary responsibilities

Alcohol impairs one’s cognitive functions and physical capabilities.  A person may neglect their responsibilities at home and work. Accordingly, their spouse may become frustrated, and this can lead to fights.


Most people who have lost control when it comes to alcohol lie. For instance, if they neglect a responsibility, they can lie to their spouse to avoid consequences. This may start harmlessly, but the lies can get out of hand, leading to marital issues. 

Legal issues

Due to poor judgment, someone who drinks can get into legal issues, including disorderly conduct, fighting, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and domestic violence. The spouse of someone constantly in legal troubles may get tired, and this can affect the quality of their relationship.

Financial distress

Alcoholism can affect a couple’s finances considerably. The party that drinks may spend more money on alcohol. And to worsen matters, they may lie about doing so. 

Further, if they neglect their work responsibilities, they may be dismissed. This means the couple will depend on one source of income if the other party works, or they may increase their dependence on debt. Such financial instability can create marital problems.

A significant percentage of the primary causes of divorce stem from alcoholism. If a spouse depends on alcohol, the other party may suffer the associated consequences. If you want to proceed with a divorce because of your spouse’s alcoholism, consider getting legal guidance to understand the steps to take.