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How can you ease child handover days?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Child Custody

Divorcing from someone you share children with means you will still have to deal with them. You need to do this as amicably as possible for the sake of your children. That can be challenging, though, especially if things did not end well between you.

You probably won’t need to see each other much, but one time when you will is when you hand over your child to each other. The following things can make that easier:

Develop a routine

If you have a routine, parents and children know what to expect. It allows you to better calculate journey time, reducing the chance one of you turns up late which could annoy the other parent and upset your child. A routine allows your child to plan ahead and know what to expect. For example, they know that each Thursday night they need to pack three sets of clothes and any sports gear they need for the weekend.

Pick a neutral time and place

Pick somewhere to meet where you can park easily and wait without a problem. Choose a time when you each have time to spare. Worrying about whether a traffic officer will give you a parking ticket, or if you are going to make it to work on time will only add stress to the situation, which makes an argument more likely.

Keep it brief

It’s probably best to keep the handover as that and nothing more unless you are on good terms. This is not the time to raise issues with each other. Remember, your child is watching and listening and they will pick up on any tension between you.

Getting legal help when making your parenting agreement can help you start off co-parenting on the right foot.